rate 10/10/10
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  • WhiteSmith: Cart boost, power trust, weapon perfection, maximize power, adrenalin rush cannot be dispeled.
  • WhiteSmith: cart weight increased from 8000 to 9000
  • Clown: He is able to cast other skills while playing songs.
  • Lord Knight & Assasin Cross: Removed cast time from skills Spiral Pierce(LK) and Soul Destroyer(Sinx)
  • Sacrifice(iRO Name: Martyr's Reckoning): Has 15 hits instead of 5.
  • Champion & Creator: Element of Asura Strike changed to holy and Acid Demonstration to earth.
  • Commands: rates refresh autotrade exp me iteminfo help noask autoloottype charcommands alootid noks time uptime channel showexp showdelay whereis whodrops showzeny hominfo commands jailtime request autoloot homstats mobinfo
  • Card guarantee
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ASPD: 190 Instant: 150 Episode:13.3 (satan)
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CardRate: 10x BossRate: 3x BossCardRate: 1x MvpRate: 1x MvpCardRate: 1x QuestRate: 2x
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Capacity:15 Class Figures for 50 job!
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